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Tips and Strategies For Increasing Member Retention

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Muscle Up MarketingIt's that time of year again. The time where you notice that your gym, which was once bustling with motivated new faces, has begun to revert back to its state of mostly "the regulars." The New Year likely brought with it a surge of new memberships, and while your regular members may be grateful they aren't having to fight over machines anymore, you are getting nervous about all the new additions that have been jumping ship.

Research shows that almost a third of all resolutions are related to health and fitness, which can lead to a big spike for the fitness industry. Unfortunately, data also shows that people are likely to give up on those resolutions as early as mid-January.

So, what can you do to not only attract new members but also to keep them? The following are our key strategies to help you keep your members satisfied, successful and coming back for more.

Personalize the Experience

It all starts at the front desk. Your members have done the hard part; they've put on their workout clothes and made it to the gym. Now, it's your turn to make sure they don't walk right back out the door. Make sure your front desk staff is ready to greet members and guests with a smile when they come in and learn their names. Creating a welcoming and familiar atmosphere that let's your members know that you care about them and are invested in helping them achieve their goals.

Take the personalization a step further and utilize your member data to reach out to them at the right time of their journey. Collecting data such as check-ins, purchases, goals and milestones can help you hone in on when certain members might be in need of a little extra encouragement and when the best time is to send them offers about your profit centers or referrals. Noticed a certain member hasn't been coming to the gym lately? Send them a friendly email or call them to try and get them back in the groove before it's too late and they cancel.

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