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How To Design The Perfect Club Entry

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Bruce CarterBruce Carter

Imagine someone new walking into a club, and the moment he steps through the door, he is surprised. This is not what he expected. He feels comfortable but excited. This place could be the answer to his dream of improving his life with regular physical activity. This should be the goal for designing a health club entry.

However, before deciding how to design the perfect entry, it is important to review a few key facts:

First, people "buy" an experience, and what they see accounts for so much of what they "experience."

Second, it is important to understand who is coming into a club. There are typically two general types of people entering clubs, whether they are a member or a guest looking at the possibility of becoming a member.

The first type, about 20%, feels good about how they look and usually likes exercise. The second type, about 80%, often feels uncomfortable with how they look (especially in exercise clothing) and don't like exercise, although they agree on the potential value of exercise in their life.

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