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Are You A Struggling Gym Owner?

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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

You're not stuck. There is a better way. But, you'll need to make some changes.

You have the greatest product in the world. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like to look better, feel better or live longer. And, before you start thinking that new equipment will fix things, or dropping the price to match the new guys around the corner, remember this: if you want to change others, you'll first have to change yourself.

After numerous conversations with gym owners who are struggling, here is where I suggest you start:

1. Change your think. Gym owners who struggle all seem to have this in common: they have a small think. The first thing you want to know about thinking big is that it costs you nothing; it's free. If your membership goal for the month is 50, let's change it to 100. This should be fun stuff, so let's keep it fun. Even if you don't reach the big goal, I'd rather have you not reach a big goal than not reach a small one.

Also, it's important to remember that our thoughts create things. Whether it's positive or negative, you'll breathe life into it. Don't find yourself coming up with a problem for every solution.

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