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Dealing With Active Shooters in Your Club and Elsewhere

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Since the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, our beautiful America has also been hit by a series of warlike efforts including bombings overseas and even in the U.S. Then came 9/11/2001 when the World Trade Centers came down, and it became clear that America had a real fight on its hands with lunatics. Since then, and in particular for the last two to three years, Americans and people around the world have become subject to attacks of all kinds in all kinds of places... with the latest ISIS attack in Paris, France and then just this month with the ISIS-inspired San Bernadino, California massacre.

Our future... YOUR future and the future of your family will depend in the long run on how our leaders react. So, if you feel helpless waiting for our leaders to react appropriately, then consider this: You and I don't have to wait to see how America's leaders are going to react. And, in particular, I would like to urge each of you who own a club, or clubs, to seriously consider preparing for what might be coming your way. Here are two ways you can prepare:

  1. 1. On December 11th, over 800 people attended what was called an "Active Shooter Seminar" here in Marietta, Georgia, in which members of the Police Department taught the attendees what they can do to avoid being a victim of an Active Shooting Event. And, I am sure many more Active Shooter Seminars will spring up all over America. So, when you see news about an Active Shooting Seminar, go there and learn what you can to save yourself and your family in such an event.
  2. 2. For yourself, your family, your club staff and your members and guests, you should give serious thought to preparing yourself to deal with an Active Shooter in your club. This could take the form of arming yourself, depending on local laws. Before arming yourself, obtain guidance on appropriate weapons from professionals. Then, make sure that you take appropriate training to handle a weapon in the sad and dangerous event of an Active Shooting inside the doors of your club. Arming is a decision one must make personally.

Truth be told, I simply could not allow myself to go on any longer without suggesting these things to you readers for your consideration because you all are so very important to us in our lives. Trust me when I say that, should something happen to any of you with respect to an Active Shooter, and you turn out to be unprepared, I will only be able to wish I'd written this for you sooner to convince you that you needed to do something to prepare to defend yourself, your staff and your members in the event of an Active Shooting actually happening in your club.

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