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2015 In Review

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Justin CatesJustin Cates

I love to travel, and one of my fondest memories traveling was my first trip to New York City. During my visit, I needed to take the subway to a few of my sightseeing destinations. Waiting on the platform, I could hear and see the train in the distance, and it was getting closer at a seemingly faster rate. Right before its arrival, the wind gusts put off from the train hit all the travelers waiting on the platform. Moments later, the train arrived and began to decelerate, bringing more wind with it. On the platform, you could see traveler's clothes and hair moving with the direction of the arriving train. And, then, it stopped, the train's doors opened and boarding began. Moments later, the train was off again; this time with new passengers and to a new destination.

Every year in December, we feature an "In Review" cover story to review the year that will soon be completed. Like the train and wind on that New York Subway platform, this year, like every, has come and gone so fast one could figuratively blink an eye and miss it. That's how it feels anyway, but when we take a moment to look back at everything our publication has covered this year, and to see what our industry has accomplished, it is a lot more than a gust of wind lost into the night. And, like those passengers, heading into the New Year, we are all aboard a new train headed to a new destination. Let's all continue to make a mark in 2016!

A Summary of Our 2015 Cover Stories

To begin the year, in January, we featured Cincinnati Sports Club. During my on-site visit to this vast and ever-evolving facility, I saw firsthand how some in our industry are reaching new heights with medical integration into their facilities. We believe in its importance, and it's something that is not going to go away. So, it became a theme for Club Insider in 2015 with several cover stories dedicated to the topic.

In February, we featured IHRSA's Public Policy Team. The importance of this topic cannot be understated, but sadly, only a handful in our industry are contributing to the insurance protection against excessive government interference that is IHRSA's Public Policy effort. If you have not already, seek to become educated and see how important this topic is to your club business.

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