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Justin Cates Named to Disney World's 2020 Traditions Team

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Justin CatesJustin Cates

JUSTIN CATES, my fine son and multi-talented partner in Club Insider, has something very, very special going on in his life. Let me explain. When Justin was seven years old, we took him to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and we had a fun and amazing visit. He fell in love with the place, especially the Monorail System. Fast forward 27 years to October, 2019... Almost two years ago, Justin moved to a suburb of Orlando and got a great "Hobby Job" at Disney World. Don't be alarmed. He has been and is sticking with his Club Insider work. He calls Disney a "Hobby Job" because when he started at Disney, he did so simply to get out of the house regularly, since he works from home to produce Club Insider.

So, you might be asking, 'What job did he get at Walt Disney World!?' Well, in 2018, Justin became a Pilot on the iconic Walt Disney World Monorail System! This year, he has also taken on the additional roles of Trainer and Coordinator, and he is loving every minute of it. But, there's more! Even more exciting with respect to what's going on with Justin at Walt Disney World is the fact that, among 75,000 Disney World employees locally in Orlando, and out 872 of candidates, he is one of just 81 individuals chosen to be part of Walt Disney World's 2020 Traditions Team. This is the team responsible for onboarding new Disney World employees, or Cast Members, as they are called there. With the 50th Anniversary of Disney World coming up in 2021, this is a great honor!

As I said, of course, he will continue his work on Club Insider because that's very important to all of us. So, he's going to be working a lot of hours... But, Justin's a tough and very hardworking cookie, and I've total faith in him being able to do both jobs and do both of them very well. He definitely loves both, and that's a beautiful thing! STAY TUNED, Folks!

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