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Convert Your Weaknesses to Strengths!

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Thomas PlummerThomas Plummer

We all have our strengths, and in the old days of the health and fitness club industry, those strengths could carry you against any market condition or competition. Today, the health and fitness world is different, and what we don't know and understand are the very things that can bring us down.

Back in the day, if you could sell or build a sales team, you could literally sell your way out of trouble. If you learned to do hardcore marketing, such as lead boxes or cold calling, you could fill your gym and just think of how many thousands of young sales people were fired through the years because they couldn't keep up the 100-cold-calls-a-day nonsense trying to set appointments for people who never showed anyway.

By the way, for you under-40-year-old-people, lead boxes were card board boxes where you entered your name on a slip of paper to win a free trip to the Caribbean. Second place was two weeks at the gym. No one ever won the trip. Everyone always won the two weeks.

In that era, you could exploit your strengths enough to mask your weaknesses in the business. Great sales dogs stayed in business for years longer than they should have simply because the sheer number of sales covered their inability to staff, operate or manage a business.

Today, those strengths simply no longer work and aren't nearly enough to keep a business alive. Great sales guys are dinosaurs. Sitting across a desk doing your hard school closing thing gets you laughed at and written up negatively on social media. Most mainstream gyms now sell on price alone with the lowest winning the day, but even that fails as we creep lower and lower. Old school marketing, especially things such as direct mail, completely failed during the last few years and will not arise again. What we celebrated as our strengths are now skills from a past generation no longer needed in a competitive health and fitness environment.

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