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A Gracious and Systematic Tool to Pursue Referrals

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Karen Woodard-ChavezKaren Woodard-Chavez

Our industry is not very good at graciously creating referral business. Most, not all, membership sales staff are uncomfortable pursuing referrals largely due to the fact that we have not built and maintained valuable or helpful relationships with those whom we have enrolled. We ask our members for anyone who is interested in joining rather than graciously inviting our members to invite a friend to be a guest, have a terrific experience and enjoy the club, which will, in turn, make them want to join.

Additionally, most membership sales staff are not systematic about pursuing referrals; they are more reactive waiting for members to say they have a friend who is interested in joining, and then, they are happy, happy, happy to set the member's guest up with a guest visit to the club. I would also submit that the majority of members are unaware of referral opportunities because of points one and two.

This article will provide you with a simple tool to correct the dysfunctions described above. It is called the A-Z Referral Program, and it is a gracious and systematic way to pursue referrals on a monthly basis that also doubles as a relationship and retention builder. The A-Z Referral Program allows you to reach out to ALL of your members over the course of the year to connect and extend guest privileges to them. Here we go...

The A-Z Referral Program

Start with next month; you will run a list of all members whose last names begin with A and B. You will divide the list up between all membership staff. Ask your staff to review the list and take the names of those they already have a relationship with. Be sure the list is divided equally. The plan is to compose an email similar to the following:

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