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Norm's Notes for September 2019

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Norm CatesNorm Cates

Hello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in with Club Insider Edition #309! Happy Football Season, Y'all!

Is America a great country, or what?

■This month, it's our pleasure to do something that we've very rarely done, and that's to present our second Club Insider Cover Story on RUTH STRICKER, the amazing lady who created and has owned and operated The MARSH in Minnetonka, Minnesota for over 34 years. I chose Ruth for this month's Cover Story because she was again honored in her community for what she's done there for everyone. So, starting on Page #3, be sure to take the time to read about Ruth Stricker's career and life. It's a very interesting story.

■I sit here happily today on this September 2nd, 2019 Labor Day, working on these Norm's Notes for you folks who're SO important to Justin and I, and doing the things that need to be done for us to go to press one week from tomorrow, September 10th, when we will print our 309th monthly edition of Club Insider! Yahoo! While sitting here for the last couple of hours, I've received emails from MIKE ALPERT, our good friend and Club Insider Contributing Author, with four articles for his Page #6 Exercise IS Medicine column. Folks, I'm proud to be able to say that if the good Lord's willing, come December, I'll have been at this job for 27 years. But, I can honestly say I've NEVER had one of our great Club Insider Contributing Authors do what Mike has done today when he sent four articles for all four months of the rest of the year! So, I want to give Mike a HUGE SHOUT OUT SAYING, "THANKS MIKE ALPERT," for your great contributions today and every month for the past several years. And, folks don't miss the article on Page #6 that DAVID JOHNSON wrote in collaboration with Mike.

■I got a phone call a couple of minutes ago from my long-time friend, and former employee, DOUG MILLER. For the past year, Doug's been fighting cancer. The news he shared on his call to me from England, where he now lives, is great because he told me that, as of September 6, he was declared CANCER FREE! Yahoo! CONGRATULATIONS to YOU, DOUG! Doug's a terrific guy in the world of club membership sales, having been The Sales Makers operator for Europe for years, and he's now looking to get back to work. So, if you have a possible job opportunity in Europe for Doug, please pass it on to me, and I'll be sure he gets it.

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