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FlexIt is Pushing the Envelope, One Push Notification at a Time

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FlexItNEW YORK, N.Y. - FlexIt Inc. is an innovative club access and sampling platform. The FlexIt mobile app delivers qualified prospects to clubs at no cost by providing consumers with a discovery tool that enables them to scan in and out of clubs and pay only for the time they use the club. With over 700 clubs in its network, FlexIt features partners across the country, such as Mountainside Fitness, Gold's Gym, Youfit Health Clubs, Retro Fitness, and makes finding the right club easier than ever before.

FlexIt is introducing its new and proprietary in-app promotions technology that allows fitness club operators to push highly targeted messages to users after checking out facilities through the FlexIt mobile app. The app's newest feature takes customer engagement a step beyond merely introducing users to a club, as it encourages users to redeem special perks and become repeat customers via sleek in-app notifications programming, extending the reach and delivery of club partner engagement.

The in-app promotions feature provides early adopting partners with the opportunity to promote to FlexIt users at no cost and in a highly targeted manner. When a user checks out on the FlexIt app, the app considers usage history at that particular club. For example, after a user's first ever check-out, a club can offer a percentage off of a smoothie or merchandise. After a user checks into a single location multiple times in a defined period of time, he may be offered a discount on personal training, no initiation fee or one month of free membership if he chooses to convert.

"FlexIt is one of the first marketing technology for clubs built around the owner/operator perspective, developed by fitness industry leaders. FlexIt caters to current Millennial and Gen Z consumption trends of mobile, local and on-demand, which in turn enables FlexIt to deliver highly qualified leads to its partners," says Austin Cohen, Founder and CEO of FlexIt. "In-app promotions is just one of many current and future advancements that will help clubs to interface with users and prospective members."

FlexIt has reimagined the try-before-you-buy model: "The pay-per-use model powers FlexIt as a marketing extension of its partners, making sampling clubs easier and more seamless than ever before. FlexIt's high-touch and multi-faceted partnership approach is focused on garnering enhanced visibility and exposure for its partners," says Justin Turetsky, Director of Business Development for FlexIt.

In July 2019, FlexIt announced its dynamic pricing system that automatically displays by-the-minute rates in real time, delivering an optimal experience for both gym-goers and fitness clubs. With dynamic pricing, clubs can increase traffic during off-peak hours. Dynamic pricing embodies that FlexIt is not a discounting service, but that it is a tool that enables its partners to maintain their brand integrity.

Currently available in 10 markets, including New York, Los Angeles and Miami, and rapidly expanding. FlexIt is currently available for download in the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about FlexIt, visit

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