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Ruth Stricker

The ICON of The Marsh!

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  • Ruth Stricker, the ICON of The Marsh
  • July 2008 Edition of Club Insider
  • The Marsh Entrance
  • The Marsh (Rear View)
  • Deck View of the The Marshland
  • Ruth Stricker Practicing Rooftop Tai Chi
  • Key Marsh Staff Members (L to R) - Meg Young, Liz Anema, Molly Wheatley, Evan Strewler, Cece Jacox, Colleen Hagerman, Tom Dalum, Heidi Moon, Tim Mortenson, Carol Pehle, Stephanie Olson and Frank Chase
  • The Marsh Monthly Newsletter - July/August 2019

During the past 26 years of publishing Club Insider, I've had the good fortune of chronicling the careers and businesses of some of the best health and fitness club developers, owners and operators to ever be in this business. It's been my great pleasure to get to know these folks during our conversations and to bring you, our readers, into each relationship by producing in-depth cover stories such as this one, which is as special as any we've ever produced and published.

Many of the folks whose clubs and careers we've chronicled in our in-depth Club Insider Case Studies Cover Stories are long-time leaders in our industry. They are the folks who have helped make our industry the booming business it is today. Their leadership has made a huge difference in our industry's growth and change over many decades. This list is impressive, and there are many truly great health and fitness club owners/operators in America on it. On that list is Ruth Stricker, and in my opinion, she is one of the very best, not just in America, but in the world! I say that for many reasons that you will discover as you read this illustrative and amazing second Club Insider Cover Story on Ruth Stricker and The Marsh.

You may have noticed that I wrote second Club Insider Cover Story. Yes, this month, that's the case. And yes, I bet you're thinking, "Norm, why are you doing a second cover story on The Marsh, Ruth Stricker's operation?" My answer to that question is that the first cover story, published in July of 2008, focused primarily on Ruth's business, The Marsh. This cover story, however, is not going to focus purely on The Marsh. It's going to focus on Ruth Stricker, the human being... The AMAZING HUMAN BEING and the ICON of The Marsh!

But, 2008 was not the first time Ruth's photo appeared on Club Insider's front page. The first time was in our 4th edition, in 1994, before we started doing cover stories. Her photo accompanied an article that The Marsh Staff had sent to me for publication as Ruth was being honored as a Healthy American Fitness Leader, an honor given to ten Americans by the President's Council on Physical Fitness in Palm Springs, California, on September 16, 1994. John McCarthy had nominated Ruth for that special honor, and the award placed her in very special company because other winners included former, and now late President, Ronald Reagan; former Apollo Astronaut, James Lovell, Jr.; and the "Father of Aerobics," Dr. Kenneth Cooper.

John McCarthy commented in his nomination letter to the President's Council on Physical Fitness, "Among fitness leaders worldwide, there is no more persuasive or eloquent spokesperson for the role of exercise in healing and integrating mind, body and spirit than Ruth Stricker."

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