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Designing the New "Sales Experience"

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Bruce CarterBruce Carter

Sales has been one of the dominate foundations of the health and fitness club industry. It has evolved from "sales or selling" to terms such as membership, fitness consultant, and even, fitness trainer.

With the advent of low-price clubs, selling memberships in many facilities became minimized; the art and science of convincing people to join a club evolved into filling out the paperwork for $10 memberships with the individual joining filling out most of the agreement themselves (in person or online).

Yet, as more and more low-priced clubs came into the marketplace, it became clear that getting "more revenue per member" was the evolving goal. This need has once again put productive selling at the forefront of club operations. However, many clubs, often larger and with higher dues, continued to sell as always. But, even with those clubs, there seems to be a new format, that of selling memberships and non-dues programs.

Now... "the Upsell"

Now, the "upsell" is becoming the new norm for many facilities. No matter what the initial price of admission is, the new business plan calls for providing a variety of different programs and facilities not available as part of the base membership. The good news is that there is an upward trend in the percentage of people willing to pay considerably more than a base membership to participate in a better club experience that gives personal results.

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