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Apex Fitness' bodybugg

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It looks like a ladybug, only it has two small lights for eyes, a power button for a mouth, and a strap where the legs should be. It is the bodybugg, and thanks to Apex Fitness' Steve Datte and Kim Slover, I am now a bodybugg user and fan!

It, and what it provides as a platform, is the future, and the future is here. For years and years, one with enough time, paper and a calculator could track their calories, both in an out. But, what to do with and how to organize that information in a form that can provide beneficial analysis was another story. Until bodybugg...

Don't get me wrong, kinesiologists can do it manually, for a fee of course, but now, one without any background in exercise sports science can get knee deep in advanced calculation within minutes.

The bodybugg is much more than a simple calorie counter, however. We have seen those before. They are embedded in our treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, bikes, and even some of our watches. Instead, the bodybugg is a piece of hardware backed up with great software that can show your members more about themselves and their bodies than they can imagine.

First, they start out by creating a bodybugg profile. Here, they input facts about themselves including height, weight, measurements (optional), eating habits, training tendencies and goals. From this information, the bodybugg software creates a program suited to their own individual needs. If they are trying to lose weight, it shows them how to program a healthy daily calorie deficit to get to their goal weight by a date they designate. If they are trying for performance, it will create a diet for them taking into account the need for higher carbohydrate intake. And, it can handle every step in between; Weight gain, Performance with Weight Gain, Weight Maintenance, Weight Loss, Performance with Weight Loss, and more!

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