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10 Reasons Your Gym Business Could Stagnate

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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

We work at both ends of the fitness industry, with those gym owners who are just starting out and want to shorten the learning curve, and those who have been in business and are in need of a turnaround (and, everything in between).

There are many reasons why some gyms grow and others stagnate. Of course, there are factors like market size, competition and consumer demand. But, there are also other factors that have to do with operations, leadership, accountability and systems.

Based on what we're seeing across the country, here are some thoughts on why gym owners and their businesses have stagnated.

  1. 1. Success apathy. Just because you have had success in the past doesn't guarantee success in the future. Simple complacency... We take our eye off the ball. An independent gym is usually a reflection of the club owner's needs, desires and personality.
  2. 2. The right staff. You cannot build a successful gym business without the right people in place. This requires both the proper hiring and training process, as well as the willingness to make the changes that become necessary as the business grows. This is easier said than done for many gym owners. It takes dedication to the process.

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