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Here's Why You Need a Sales System in Your Health Club

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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

We see this frequently in health clubs. No real systems for sales, and no real accountability... We see sales reps who do their own thing and make it up on the fly. Of course, as manager, you're now trying to manage individuals and not a system, which drives most managers nuts (and leads to retention issues). Plus, when the sales rep quits, you're all starting over... again.

The best health club reps intuitively know the sales techniques that work best and when to use them to create conditions that excite prospects to join your health club. Unfortunately, these kinds of membership reps are few and far between, and without a proven system or set of rules to engage members and prospects, most health club membership reps are likely to make up their own rules or randomly leverage a wide variety of sales techniques and behaviors. I'm sure everyone can tell stories of questionable techniques and behavior.

The problem with not having and using a proven system for health club sales is you will unknowingly default to the prospect's system. This means you will give up key steps of the sales process and giving more information rather than gathering information.

As a result, the membership rep is not in control. It makes no difference whether you run a large athletic club or small fitness center; you are at a disadvantage if your membership reps aren't following a proven system for health club sales. Here are some reasons why you need your membership sales department to follow a proven selling system:

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