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IHRSA Continues Voluntary Certification With Down Vote On Latest Draft

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Publisher's Note: A process of creating a voluntary facility certification for the industry has been underway for several years with a committee of industry stakeholders participating. Twice, IHRSA and others, have voted the proposed drafts down. Spearheaded by NSF International, a world leader in standards development for public health and safety, the process has been thorough and arduous. Once completed, though, the voluntary facility certification will provide our industry with a much needed benchmark for reaching out to the medical world for alliances and creating unity between the commercial health and fitness club industry and corporate America. Club Insider reached out to Dr. Art Curtis, current IHRSA Chairman, and Joe Moore, IHRSA President/CEO, for an update. Joe Moore was kind to provide the following update. Stay tuned!

Joe Moore Updates Voluntary Facility Certification Process Development

A committee of industry stakeholders convened to develop a voluntary facility certification has voted down the latest draft of standards released for ballot. A previous draft was also voted down in October of 2009. The committee has since begun work on a new draft, but a vote has not been scheduled.

The initiative to create a voluntary facility certification is spearheaded by NSF International, a world leader in standards development for public health and safety. The committee convened by NSF consists of 20 industry stakeholders, representing facility operators, certifying groups, persons with disabilities, academics, attorneys and insurance groups. The proposed standards cover several topics, including pre-activity screening, orientation, risk management and emergency policies, including the purchase of an AED, qualifications for professional staff and independent contractors, facility construction, safety equipment, operating practices and signage.

IHRSA accepted the invitation to participate on the Joint Committee only after being assured that every IHRSA member would have the opportunity to participate in the process and make his/her voice heard.

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