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Sales is 90% Preparation and 10% Presentation

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Ed TockEd Tock

Learn to "Sharpen Your Saw"

Success in anything is all about focus, and if you focus on what's critical, then you'll get the results that you need to get right now. The market is more competitive than ever and you need every edge that you can get. The difference between water in its liquid state and steam is only one small degree. Turn the heat up by one degree in your focus and discipline and watch your sales skyrocket!

5 Top Sales Quotes

  1. 1. "Salespeople who only do what they feel like doing today are bound to spend the rest of their lives unable to do what they really feel like doing."
  2. 2. "Your member will never believe in the value of your service any more strongly than you do!"
  3. 3. "The best way to serve your own interests is to put the needs and desires of your members first!"
  4. 4. "To deliver value to the prospective member, you must see yourself primarily as a value resource for the member!"
  5. 5. "To be a value resource for your member, you must first discover what your member perceives as value!"

Brian Tracy, a professional author and speaker, once said that "horse races are not won by a length; they are won by a nose".

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