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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

When you think of growing new leads, you are more likely to think of outside customers rather than your own members as a source of steady new leads. The members using and getting results in your gym are the flesh and blood of your brand. The actual people in your building make up your best marketing team.

The chances are that, if your members are having a positive experience and getting results, they will be the diehard ambassadors of your brand. We know word-of-mouth is still extremely relevant with millennials in the age of social media. So, how do you convert that buzz into sales? Make sure that you are communicating the right message and creating the right space for your members, so they feel compelled to share their experience.

  • Encourage a Status Update at the Point of¬†Sale - For millennials, a lot of activities, including workouts, can be heavily social. We know that, when a member first joins your gym, they are fired-up and motivated. Capture that new energy and ask if they want to share a status on social media about their excitement in having just become your newest members! This does not have to be awkward or pushy. If you are sincere in sharing their excitement, they will likely be receptive. And, don't forget that you can also offer free guest passes in return for an online shout-out or share!
  • Create an Instagram Worthy¬†Space - Is your weight area Instagram worthy? In your time at the gym, you have probably had the honor of witnessing a member taking a flex selfie in one (or all) of your mirrors. This self-indulgent practice was once frowned-upon, but it is now commonplace on social media. Why not give the members what they want? Creating a snap-friendly space does not have to be elaborate or expensive. Use a cool backdrop on an unused wall to designate a selfie space. Perhaps put a fun new piece of equipment or even cute props that you can use to celebrate a member's success or milestone. Whenever a member has reason to celebrate, "Hooray another ten pounds!" ask if you can take their photo with a prop or a staff member to share on social media. The possibilities here are endless. The point is we know that people want something visually appealing to share on social media. How are you contributing to that want?
  • Building Your Community - A member spotlight can be an effective way to reach out to new members and invigorate your community. Social media and other online channels will help you to reach audiences beyond your current membership. At the same time, your existing members may identify more closely with your gym, especially at large facilities where they otherwise might not know the names of other members or get to meet people who work out on a different schedule.

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