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Employee Recognition and Rewards

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Melissa KnowlesMelissa Knowles

Publisher's Note: At press time, Melissa and her husband are expecting their first baby to arrive any day now. So, it's with great excitement and anticipation for all three of them that we wish them the best and say God Bless you Melissa and your growing Family!

Part I
Millennials Are Accustomed to Attention and Praise!

"Millennials are accustomed to attention and praise from their earliest days and expect regular affirmation in the workplace. They are also prepared to switch jobs earlier and more frequently than previous generations, so employers need to take particular steps to maintain Millennial engagement," said Rodney Mason, GVP of Marketing with Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, an international incentives and engagement company.

Remember when continued employment and a steady paycheck was enough of a reward for a job well done? If you replied, "No," there's a good chance you were born after 1982. If you're shaking your head and proclaiming, "Hear, hear! Those were the good old days," you've got the old right in that statement. In 2015, Millennials made up over 75% of the workforce. Take a look at your workforce and understand that recognition must go beyond a paycheck nowadays!

Millennials don't just expect recognition, they demand it. Work environments devoid of pathways for praise will find themselves with a revolving door. Millennials move more often than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers. If retention matters to your business, recognition should matter to you. Your goal should be to slow down their pattern of switching jobs, show them a road to growth and ensure that road is littered with countless opportunities for small successes. Like it or not, this is your team, and what matters is getting the most and best out of them, participation trophies and all!

Now that we've acknowledged that recognition is essential, you're likely wondering, "Where do I start?" I'm glad you asked. This article is written in three parts about Employee Recognition and Rewards. As this part's title suggests, we're going to start with a star. This simple system allows your entire staff to participate quickly and inexpensively in peer-to-peer and supervisor-to-staff recognition. It's something we do here at GYM HQ.

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