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How To Attract and Keep Health Club Members

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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

It's the question I get asked the most... How do I attract more new members, and then, how do I keep them?

Well, marketing and promoting your health club never stops. You should have a marketing plan-of-action every month without fail. I always find it fascinating when I ask a struggling health club owner what they are doing this month for marketing and they say, "Not a lot this month... we're looking for some things that will work." That's a recipe for disaster.

Here some key things to work on in your health club:

  • Are you easy to work with? Your health club guests and members are looking for ready solutions, and if you can provide them in what comes across as an effortless manner, your guests and members will quickly come to rely on you and be happy they joined your health club. I see too many health club owners and staff who are too quick to say no. The best philosophy? Look for reasons to say yes. It will be some of the best word-of-mouth marketing you'll ever get.
  • Recognize the importance of all contacts, leads and introductions in your health club. Be sure to follow up on all contacts that come your way... no matter how insignificant they may seem to be at the time. You never know where it might lead. The more connections you have in your health club, the better your chances to be referred. And, let's be very direct here, can you really afford to pass up any kind of referral?

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