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How to Close a Gym Membership Sale At Anytime, Under Any Circumstances

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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

You just never know when things will change. You get transferred to another club. You have a new boss. Your company is sold. Even if things just seem to be going crazy in the gym you have worked at for years; things change, but the expectation of sales production remains.

Here are some tips to help you make the membership sale no matter what the circumstances:

  • Attitude is everything. The key to remember here is that it's more important how you feel about your prospect than how they feel about you. You can't let crazy circumstances change you. The positive expectancy to win. The will to make it happen. No negatives, attitude is paramount. If this is not in place, you can't even get started.
  • Have commitment in your posture and voice. You want to be using words like: Great! Fantastic! Terrific! Show confidence.
  • Have enthusiasm that conveys conviction and belief. It's been said many times that the definition of sales is a transfer of feelings or a transfer of enthusiasm. It really goes beyond just enthusiasm; it's your passion, your belief and your conviction for what you do that means you can't be swayed otherwise.

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