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Qualities of Effective Counsel

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Paul R. Bedard, EsquirePaul R. Bedard, Esquire

"This article is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice. Widely varying laws specific to each jurisdiction prohibit one-size-fits-all recommendations. Please consider these comments as an educational guide to assist you when you consult your own attorney for specific direction."

If you have read my previous Club Insider articles, you have repeatedly read the last four sentences. Yet, what qualities should you look for in an attorney to ensure that you engage truly effective counsel?

Whether you're seeking to hire a full-time in-house attorney or to retain outside counsel on a more limited basis, your selection of counsel will one way or another have a measurable impact on your organization. Methodical care must be taken within the selection process. In addition to performing due diligence to confirm that your candidate doesn't have a history of client grievances or any other character concerns, you will need to assess numerous core competencies. The following are just some of the qualities that should be evaluated when selecting an attorney:

Understands Your Business and Industry

Beyond the prerequisite legal knowledge, effective health club counsel requires an understanding of the health club industry and the specific company's P&L, business challenges, long-term strategies and key objectives. Your attorney should view legal issues through the eyes of the business while working to obtain legal outcomes that are in a maximum possible alignment with your business goals. Very often, a legal challenge can be effectively addressed by a number of approaches. The most effective attorneys can explain to business professionals the various legal avenues that are available and how each approach will specifically impact the business.

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