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Are Your CPTs Still Certified?

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Angie PattengaleAngie Pattengale

It's not enough to check if your new hire is a currently Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), you should do this on an ongoing basis. In this industry, we know that a certification credential has a shelf life which requires continuing education. As a CPT, it is necessary to continue a course of educational experiences, which can be found in many forms. Some trainers attend seminars at trade shows. Some get their continuing education credits through online coursework or hands-on training events. Either way, or all of the above, it's a requirement for recertification through any certification agency (any credible one anyway) to continue a learning path that keeps knowledge fresh and the trainer on the up-and-up. But, how do you know if your club trainers are keeping up on the up-and-up? Do you check?

Verification Made Easy

Club employers accept the responsibility of their hiring decisions. It's part of the job as a hiring manager, a human resources person or anyone put in charge of the hiring process... to be sure that a new prospective employee is representative of the core values of the company. You probably perform a background check or search social media for any questionable behaviors or concerns, and you definitely confirm that their credentials are legitimate, right?

Given our access to just about any kind of information we want (or don't want) online, these verifications are as easy as it gets, and they should not be overlooked. Make this part of the checks and balances routine that your club performs on a consistent basis.

I recommend an annual rotation of certification verifications, depending on the number of trainer employees and the start/end dates of their respective certifications. If your club does not already do this, you should consider documenting certification expiration dates, just like you would any other pertinent piece of employee information. Put it into a spreadsheet or other employee management application, which allows you to quickly reference those trainers who are approaching or are past their recertification dates.

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