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Six Ways Data Analytics Will Change the Health Club Industry

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Mario BravomaloMario Bravomalo

Data analytics, and its myriad benefits, can positively affect every single health club regardless of size. This influx of data can be harnessed, analyzed and utilized to benefit both the health club and consumer in very meaningful ways.

Health clubs today face the daunting task of trying to understand and engage the web-surfing, technology-using, sophisticated and well-educated consumer. Through proper use of analytics, club operators can predict (and be prepared to adjust to) the most current consumer trends. Data collection and interpretation will forever change club marketing and sales strategies. Club operators who understand and implement data strategies have the power to elevate their clubs to the next level and significantly outperform their competition.

Data analytics have a significant impact on the health club industry in multiple ways:

Daron AllenDaron Allen

1. Data is worthless without INSIGHT; data insight is a vital asset - If a health club has a website, social media page, billing and management system, CRM or sales platform, the club has an unimaginable asset in the data it collects from its customers. Even the smallest clubs generate data, but what do we do with this data? Advanced analytics systems can track and analyze user experience, web traffic, keyword preferences and consumer trends. This amount of data can be overwhelming for any club; hence, a strategy and plan are needed to collect, store, analyze, implement and protect data assets. In this competitive market, savvy operators will begin to use data services to collect and visualize their clubs' data with a desire to elevate beyond the competition.

It also means that clubs that never thought data would be "for them" might be scrambling to catch up. Let me make this as plain as possible: If you own or operate a club, and you have questions about how to improve your operations and stay ahead of your competition, your data is your greatest asset. It can be powerfully utilized to improve your club if you leverage the data for insight. It's really that simple.

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