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Exercise: The Best Medicine for Doctors and Patients

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Joe MooreMoore

As published in The Huffington Post on April 28, 2015:

Almost any doctor will agree that exercise is a great preventive and helps keep people well. Most will even acknowledge that regular exercise helps manage many chronic diseases, from diabetes to asthma.

But, how often do doctors come right out and prescribe exercise, or even ask how much physical activity you get on a routine basis?

Not nearly as often as warranted, especially given the scores of studies on the physical, mental and emotional benefits that regular exercise brings.

Maybe part of the reason is that the majority of U.S. medical schools don't offer any courses on physical activity. And, when the courses are offered, they're rarely required, according to a recent study out of Oregon State University. In fact, fewer than half of physicians trained in the United States in 2013 received formal education or training on physical activity, the study found.

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