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America's Costly Lifestyle

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Joe MooreJoe Moore

A blog by IHRSA President/CEO, Joe Moore, on the Huffington Post:

While our politicians remain polarized on health care reform, and as the U.S. Supreme Court decides on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, perhaps the rest of us should look more closely at our health.

After all, the excessive cost of health care in America is the symptom of an underlying disease. While changing the system of how health care coverage is provided, purchased and paid for may help alleviate some of the symptoms, it won't eradicate the fundamental sickness.

That requires a broader, much more deep-seated approach, one that takes a harder look at how medicine in America is practiced and at how we choose to live. It is, in the end, our nation's almost exclusively reactive approach to medical care --atop a pervasive epidemic of physical inactivity and unhealthy lifestyles-- that has infected our health care system.

In their recent study projecting the future cost of health care, Richard A. Young and Jennifer E. DeVoe pointed out:

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