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Are You on The Path To Be a Master or Disaster?

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Karen Woodard-ChavezKaren Woodard-Chavez

This article is designed for absolutely every person in your organization in the spirit of being better human beings and becoming better for their own future, which also means being better for your organization's present and future. With these factors in mind, I hope you share this article with them. Suggestions on how to do so will be offered at the end of the article.

We all know people who create an impact because they master every little thing and every big thing they do... personally, professionally, productively... life in general. We also know people who are the opposite... they seem to be a disaster with everything they do. Nothing ever seems to come to fruition for them, and there are a lot of excuses along the way. What is the difference between a Master and Disaster? In my observation of life's living laboratory and being a scientist of self, the biggest difference is that Masters have a habit of curiosity, which means they are inclined by their nature to ask questions. The Disasters, on the other hand, do not possess curiosity and feel that they need to have answers, whether they are correct answers or not. Curiosity and questions guide what and how the Masters will focus their time. The questions create the plan or the road map, so to speak. On the other hand, the lack of curiosity and questions often dictate that the Disasters show up without a road map or plan and just jump in without considering all the options.

This should teach us that one of the most important lessons is that questions, are in many instances, more important than answers. But, you might be thinking that goes against everything you learn in school where you're rewarded for the quality of your answers.

The right question at the right time can spark the right answer that changes your life, your relationships, your business, your fortune, your... fill in the blank. The following list of questions will help you get started on looking at life differently and making changes that can have a big impact.

Beware: They are not complicated questions. They are very simple and deserve introspective answers.

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