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Communication 101 and Then Some

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Angie PattengaleAngie Pattengale

Communication. We probably all could use a little assistance or some encouragement in this department. It's usually the first thing that comes up in a marital spat, a heavy debate or any counseling appointment. It definitely plays a major role in business, in our case the club or a personal training business. Poor communication, or lack of it, can put a business out of business. So, let's look at the 4 Rules of Communication and how we can apply those to our business.

How, when and why we communicate are underlying make or break components of any conversation or conflict. You've probably heard that "timing is everything" or "it's all about your approach." I find this to be true on many levels and in many personal and professional examples. Think of some yourself. Has there been a time when you communicated a bit of bad news and then realized that you could have delivered it differently and received a much better result? Think of this in the context of being a club employer, for example, and being disappointed in the work ethic or conduct of an employee. How do you handle it? First, think about:

  • How you communicate the news. Do you call them out in front of others? Do you tell them in private? Do you make a vague and general statement about overall performance in a group meeting?
  • When you communicate the news. Do you tell someone how you feel at the exact moment that it happens? Do you wait until there is a cooling off period? Do you not communicate it at all and hope it gets better on its own?
  • Why you communicate the news. Are you communicating information or expressing a viewpoint that is nonconsequential? What is your intention when communicating? Are you communicating news or information with intent to harm or to help?

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