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A Formula for Successful Customer Service

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Melissa Knowles, VP of GymHQMelissa Knowles, VP of GymHQ

The fitness industry is ALL about service first. While your facilities may boast the latest in advanced technology or the best in equipment, it's your people and their interactions with your members that matter most. This article looks at 12 key ingredients that must be included when creating your perfect formula for successful customer service:

  1. 1. Be friendly first. Service starts with a familiar person with a warm smile who offers welcoming words. Make sure the team members manning your front desk are service obsessed. Each member should be greeted (preferably by name) when they enter your club. This level of interaction should trickle down to every employee. It takes little effort to smile and say, "Hello," and it makes a huge impact.
  2. 2. Attitude precedes service. Your team's positive mental attitude is the basis for the way they act and treat members. Your team should carry a member-first mentality into the club every day. "You become what you think."
  3. 3. Your team's first words set the tone. All encounters with members are theirs to control. Even a seemingly negative contact, like a service or billing complaint, can be turned positive by the way it's handled. First words can either disarm or aggravate. If your team learns to see each interaction as an opportunity to win a member for life, it shifts the approach dramatically.
  4. 4. Know how to service in terms of the member. They don't care what your situation is; they only care about their situation. Maybe, your billing system made a blunder, and they were billed twice. Or, the new janitor assigned by your cleaning service isn't up to snuff. That's not the member's concern. What can YOU do to ensure they're happy and your day-to-day business hiccups don't impact them?

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