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The Health Club Industry is a Mess!

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Thomas PlummerThomas Plummer

The health club industry is a mess! And, if you aren't making money, then it is customary to blame someone else for your current lack of success.

In the late 1940s, we blamed the first commercial guys for ruining the physical culture gyms. The first commercial guys blamed the first chains for ruining their businesses in the '60s. Those guys blamed the first Nautilus guys for ruining everything good about the gym business. Those guys then blamed the rise of the full service commercial gyms for ruining the Nautilus purity.

We blamed the early Gold's guys for ruining the racquetball palaces. We blamed World Gym and Powerhouse for upsetting the Gold's dynasty. All those survivors blamed Curves for the 30-minute circuit. Curves plummeted because it never innovated. And, every old school mainstream chain or business in the last 15 years has blamed the $10 guys for destroying the mainstream business or the CrossFit rise for killing training.

Now, we see the ascension of the modern training gym, and this new concept, along with the $10 guys, have completely destroyed the $39 guys and that concept of mainstream in the middle.

But, what if all this is wrong? What if it isn't unfair business but just the natural evolution of the industry? And, most importantly, where is this evolution today, and where will it be in five years?

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