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The Top Ten Marketing Tips

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Derek BartonDerek Barton

Why do we love Top Ten lists, whether it's the Top Ten Movies of all time, the Top Ten TV Shows or the Top Ten Dumbest Pick-up Lines? I guess we love to see if our favorites are on those lists. When they are, we love it. When they're not, we're astonished, "What were they thinking!?"

So, let me give you a chance to love me or hate me. Here's my Top Ten list of the best Marketing Tips for your health club.

  1. 1. Brand Your Club With Passion: First impressions are still important today, especially in the health club industry. Look fun. Look inviting. Look successful from the exterior to the interior. Gym owners don't have blank walls in their homes; they have decorated walls, with different colors, textures and art pieces to give them personality. So, why is it that I see nothing but white walls in their gyms? That's about as exciting as lint. Spruce up your gym like a home away from home. Use your brand colors, logos and decorate with appropriate images of an exciting fitness lifestyle (See Nike Town).
  2. 2. Brand and Market Your Team: Walk into an Apple store, and you immediately see all the staff in colorful branded shirts. They stand united, and they all look like they are having fun. Team is everything. In sports, the team with the highest paid players doesn't always win. The team that usually wins is the group that has great chemistry. Yes, every team has an "All Star," and you can champion your All Stars and your member All Stars like Subway does with Jarrod. Wendy's did it with their Founder, Dave Thomas, and put him in all their commercials. He turned out to be the best spokesman for his own brand. It's not enough for people to just know your product and service. They love to know about the people behind the brand, which is why we are fascinated with CEOs like Richard Branson and the late Steve Jobs.
  3. 3. Have Discernible Customer Service: Some companies can't justify spending time and money on the invisible. It may be invisible to you, but not to the customer. They feel it. They know when it's there, and they know when it's not there. Your members want to be around people who make them feel important (See Ritz Carlton Hotels and listen to the theme song to that hit TV show Cheers).

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