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  • Augie and Lynne Nieto
  • The Early Days of LifeCycle
  • Augie Walking His Daughter, Lindsay, Down the Aisle
  • Augie Working Out at Home
  • Augie Working Out at Sea
  • Augie and Lynne After Renewing Their Vows

Augie Nieto is a man who needs no introduction. From the early days of Life Fitness to today, on the verge of bringing Augie's Quest across the finish line of finding the cure for ALS, Augie is pure and simply a warrior for good. As its leader, Augie's Quest has become a veritable force that truly proves the concept of strength in numbers. The strength of the numbers in our industry has become visible to many outside our circle, and with the cure for ALS, it will become visible to all, opening doors this industry never could have imagined.

As history has shown, every great leader has an incredible partner in life who stands side by side with him through anything and everything that comes. Lynne is that to Augie. Augie is that to Lynne. Together, I believe it is safe to say that Augie and Lynne have accomplished more than even they could have imagined, and it is beautiful.

This month, we are excited to present you with an updated and very timely cover story about Augie's Quest. The drug AT-1501, which has shown very encouraging results in lab animals, is set for human trials, but more funding is needed to push this through. To produce these funds, Augie's Quest has continued to expand its initiatives, and thus reach, across our industry, across the world.

To fully delve into this immense topic, this month, you will hear from a slate of interviewees who are key to these thrusts. They are:

  • Lynne Nieto, the "Voice" of Augie's Quest;
  • John McCarthy, Chair of the BASH for Augie's Quest;
  • Kevin McHugh, COO of The Atlantic Club;
  • Jim Worthington, Owner of The Newtown Athletic Club;
  • Larry Conner, General Manager of Stone Creek Club & Spa.

I urge you to read on because you don't want to miss anything these industry leaders have to say about the cause that is Augie's Quest. Then, if you are not already involved, I sincerely invite you to join the effort!

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