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Don't Go There: What NOT to Ask During a Job Interview

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Melissa KnowlesMelissa Knowles

Recruiting and interviewing are among some of the toughest skills for many new hiring managers to acquire. Analyzing a candidate's ability to perform, the likelihood of them committing to the team for the long-term, as well as their fit within the company culture, all within the span of a 45-minute interview, is a challenge. A hiring manager should focus on developing a carefully curated list of questions for each position. These questions should seek to gather as much information as possible about the candidate. However, regardless of the position, there are some questions that are legally off limits. Below are some areas in which an interviewer should tread very carefully, or not at all.


DON'T ASK: How old are you? When were you born? What year did you graduate? How long have you been in the work force?

INSTEAD, ASK: What are your long-term career goals? Are you over the age of 18?

Age is a protected class under the Older Workers Benefit Act, and discriminating based upon it will land you in hot water.

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