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The Five Hardest Lessons You Will Ever Learn In The Fitness Business

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Thomas PlummerThomas Plummer

Hard lessons in life, and business, are usually the end result of someone denying the truth until the truth kicks their ass. We call these lessons, "hard," because not grasping these ideas earlier in our careers, or life, cost us so much time and money doing everything, "the hard way."

Small business owners are often forced to learn these lessons quickly when things go bad. You wake up someday with about $10 left in your account and a letter from the landlord that you are going to get booted. All of a sudden, you are now open to a few new ideas! Waiting until the shoe of doom is heading for your ass is just too late. These lessons are the core of so many business books and are always there for anyone to learn before the need to survive inspires you to learn now.

The Importance of One Single Sale

We get so busy being busy that we become too busy to make any money. Then, suddenly, we become really scared because the business isn't performing.

We show up every day. We coach every day. We look at the lack of new clients being added to the gym each month and blame the weather, the time of year, the competition, our dog and the staff for that "almost, but not quite enough" new client numbers are being added each month.

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