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Programming For The "Fun Of It!"

Increased Participation Guaranteed With This Easy-to-Implement Program

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Laurie CingleLaurie Cingle

Here's a motivational program modeled after the game Monopoly that is easy to implement and draws big numbers of participants. Brand it to your facility by renaming it to include your club's nickname, for example, MAC-opoly. Or simply call it Fit-opoly or Well-opoly.

Goal: Keep members motivated to walk in your door.

Length: Three weeks.

Materials Needed:

  • Foam board, 1" thick, enough to make one 5' by 5' game board;
  • White Butcher Paper to cover the foam board;
  • Giant Fuzzy Dice (pair) from auto supply store or Amazon;
  • Orange Card Stock for "Chance" cards;
  • Yellow Card Stock for "Community Chest" cards;
  • Game Pieces - T-pins and colored paper cut into triangles put together to make a flag upon which members write their name;
  • Prize drawing slips - Name, Email, Phone, Trainer Name, Group class usually attended,etc. Any information you wish to capture. This is a great way to update member records;
  • Fishbowl from which completed prize slips will be pulled.

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