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De-Clutter Your Club for a Better Member Experience

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Bruce CarterBruce Carter

On the cover of a recent issue of "O," Oprah's magazine, the heading was "De Clutter Your Life!" It must be a major issue for people to be the cover story. One thing is for sure; it is a major issue for so many clubs.

How Does Clutter Happen for Clubs?

Initially, it often starts out with the assumption that more is better. More items for sale at the front desk. More ads and notices about what the club offers. More ads around the club. More training tools on the exercise floor. Another major culprit is a lack of managerial discipline. Management allows things to be accumulated, not paying much attention to the damage clutter does to a club. Employees stack personal belongings behind the desk. Items that should be stored are left around. Yet, without proper storage and proper display of items, clutter is much more likely to happen. Also, and here is an interesting thing about clutter, after a while, as the clutter builds, you often don't see it or even realize it anymore. It becomes normal and therefore accepted.

What Does Clutter Do to a Club?

In general, a lot of clutter creates a "negative" image and energy. Why is this? First, think of when your mind is cluttered, too many thoughts and emotions running around. You can't focus, you have less energy and you can easily fall into a negative mood. When a person is surrounded by a lot of clutter, he tends to be drained more in that space, can't focus and has a harder time reaching his goals. As Oprah puts it, "less clutter lightens your life." Now, what club wants to put people in a negative mood, and therefore, make them less likely to want to stay in that space or keep coming back?

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