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"In Touch" With Jeramy Fishel

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Jeramy FishelJeramy Fishel

Jeramy Fishel, Co-Founder of Instinctive Insights, was born and raised in tech-heavy Seattle, and he was involved in several startups before relocating and joining a pioneering, data-driven marketing company in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2000. After nearly a decade of impressive growth, he went on to manage global market research studies for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and led an international technical sales team for Microsoft.

In 2013, Jeramy co-founded Instinctive Insights in Columbus, Ohio. His technical skills, passion, diverse marketing, research and sales experience --the ability to think as both a data scientist and a marketer-- produce unique perspectives and measurable results.

In 2011, Jeramy's first fitness club client was the Five Seasons Sports Club. The owner of the Five Seasons Sports Club, Thomas Deere, hired Jeramy after he had presented Deere with the nuances of his data-driven and highly-targeted approach to target marketing. Thomas gave Fishel six months to turn the program around. It took Jeramy less than two months to see positive results, and in that short six months, new membership acquisition was up 25% and cost was down 32%. More than half of all new members were coming from the direct mail program, compared to 41% the year prior.

Fast forwarding a few years, Jeramy commented about these events, "I'm proud to say Thomas Deere still works with Instinctive Insights, and their annual direct mail spend is down 79% and is still a viable, successful marketing tactic."

Jeramy Fishel Comments on Instinctive Insights

Club Insider (C.I.) - Jeramy, please tell us about your company, Instinctive Insights, and its unique approach toward what I will dub 'smart marketing.'
Jeramy Fishel (JF) - Marketers love to use buzz words. But, it's the process behind the phrases that ultimately empower a club to be data-driven from an ROI and profit perspective.

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