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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

I just recently completed several different gym projects that all had one thing in common. They wanted to improve sales performance. They wanted to improve profitability. They wanted growth. They all wanted their version of Gym Rescue.

In each case, there was something very similar. They were all waiting for things to happen, and they had low expectations relative to the potential of the business. In short, they were so attached to the problems that they couldn't see the solution. Is this you?

If this is you, here are some initial thoughts on the next steps you can take to right the ship.

Two Things That Must Happen

  1. 1. Change your think. As Donald Trump is fond of saying, "As long as I am going to think, I just as well think big." All too often, gym owners start to lower their think and lower their expectations. The key here is to set a really big goal and then prepare a plan on how you will hit it. The other mistake we see is that, when it appears the goal will not be hit, gym owners will then lower the goals to be sure to hit them. But, what you want to do is raise your action level so the staff will as well. Never lower your goals.
  2. 2. Raise your action level. In clubs that struggle, one common denominator is that ownership significantly underestimates what it will take to get the business back on course. That's the caveat, and it will take work. It will take a high level of action to attract attention to your business. When you start to take a high level of action and create more visibility and attract attention, you will get some criticism. It just goes with the territory. That's when gym owners get off track and think they need to slow down. No. Push through this; it's normal. You must capture market share.

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