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Social Media CAN Drive Revenue. But How?

Turn Facebook Into an Online Lead Box

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Mario BravomaloMario Bravomalo

Social media is changing our world. The adoption rate of users to Facebook was the fastest of any product in history. Facebook has done a remarkable job of connecting people. The concept of community is core to Facebook, as well as our clubs. But for most, it is still a mystery as to how social media communities can immediately and directly affect the bottom line and drive business for clubs.

They say that numbers don't lie, and the statistics tied to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, etc) are astounding. For most, they create confusion and cause the question, "Those numbers are significant, but how do they relate to me? How can I leverage this power?"

Let's look at two of the most compelling statistics related to social media:

  1. 1. People who interact with a company's Facebook page are documented to spend 20% more money with that company than with other companies which they do not interact with online.
  2. 2. People are 90% more likely to take their friend's recommendation about making a purchase than all other forms of marketing.

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