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Body Training SystemsA lot can be said about group fitness, and there are many views of it in this industry. Should a club go with a custom or freestyle program or should they install one that is professionally-produced and pre-choreographed? Is there an in-between route? Others may ask, why offer group fitness at all? This month, we hope to tackle this topic head-on by sharing the experiences of five very successful club owners and operators. The common factor of success between them is their group fitness programs, and more specifically, their multi-dimensional, pre-choreographed group fitness programs, produced by Body Training Systems, an excellent company within our industry that offers a variety of programs that can produce great results in any club.

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  • Group Fitness Room at WoW Workout World
  • Group Fitness Room at Global Fitness Center
  • Group Fitness at The Edge

When asked, "What is the single most important thing a club owner or operator should consider when contemplating making the move to professionally-produced, prechoreographed group fitness programs?" Rich Boggs, CEO of Body Training Systems, responded, "Do your current group fitness programs enable you to sell memberships and control the quality of your classes? If the answer to either part is "No," you should at least spend some time investigating the concept. Like many other owners, you just might be pleasantly surprised at what you find."

Whether you already have professionally-produced group fitness programs in place, you are considering installing some in the future or you don't believe they are all that they are said to be, this story is for you. For those of you with programs already in place, you may learn how to squeeze out even more results from them. For those of you considering an installation, you will see that the only limit to success is your level of utilization and your imagination in promotion. Finally, for those of you who may still be skeptical about group fitness in general, views you may not yet have thought about will be shared. They could be a new eye-opener for you.

With that, let's see what the group fitness programs of today are all about!

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