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Norm's Notes for January 2019

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Norm CatesNorm Cates

Hello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in with our 301st Monthly Edition! My son and partner, JUSTIN, and I want to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year! THANKS to you, our readers, as well as our Club Insider Advertising and Author Teams, we're now in our 26th year of publishing. So, we want to Thank You for reading Club Insider! We're here to serve you, so never hesitate to reach out. I'm always standing by at or (770) 635 - 7578.

Is America a GREAT Country, or what? Every day, I feel very glad and blessed to be an American! And, as every day goes by, I thank the good Lord for the blessing of being among the very fortunate 4% of the world's population who are Americans! If you have never given this special 4% of the world's population any thought, I challenge you to do so now. I challenge you to be happy and proud to be an American, but I'm sure you already cherish that blessing, too. Yeah, I know... there are some of you out there among our over 10,500 monthly print and online readers around the world who're laughing at my writing and saying to yourself something like: "Norm! Are you EVER going to stop raving about how lucky you (and we) are to be Americans!?" My short and sweet answer is this: Hell yes, I'm gonna stop some day! I'm gonna stop THE DAY the good Lord calls me home to the Promised Land, and that's for sure! Until then, I say to all of you: GOD BLESS AMERICA and STAY TUNED!!!

■First, before I do my annual duty of remembering those whom we lost from our industry during 2018, I want to wish a long-time friend of mine in our industry a happy birthday! Happy 91st Birthday to MR. RAY WILSON! With continued good health, MR. WILSON's 91st birthday will be February 19th, so I'm sending this Happy Birthday Note in January to be sure we're on time as our February edition will arrive after his birthday. I asked Mr. Wilson if he wanted to make any comments to you all, and this is what he wrote back to me via email: "NORM, TELL THEM THAT MY GOAL IS TO BE ON YOUR COVER FOR MY 95TH AND 100TH BIRTHDAYS (AND THAT ON THE 100th, I WANT YOU ON THE COVER WITH ME). RAY" You're ON, Mr. Wilson!

Now folks, it's time to remember those we lost last year. The following writing has become an annual happening, and I do it every year in this space in memory of our friends and associates who passed away during 2018... they will be missed:

  • BILL DUSSOR, IHRSA's Director of Meetings & Trade Shows emeritus, passed away on January 13, 2018 after a long health battle. While Bill was respected and well-liked by the many industry leaders who have served on the IHRSA Board of Directors during his tenure at IHRSA over the past 25 years, the reality is that the vast majority of IHRSA members probably never had met Bill. If you ever attended an IHRSA event, though, then you've experienced the fruits of his labor. Bill worked diligently and tirelessly behind the scenes, logging an insane amount of late-night and pre-dawn work hours ensuring that each event went off without a hitch. IHRSA PRESIDENT and CEO, JOE MOORE, commented: "The IHRSA family is deeply saddened by the news of Bill's passing. He was unique, a person who could seamlessly orchestrate thousands of moving parts without seeking the limelight."

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