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Celebrating 27 Years of Trust!

The Mission of Club Insider is, "To help the owners and operators of health and fitness clubs professionalize their clubs and gain the trust and business of their community."

Club Insider has been published since November of 1993 and is the only industry publication produced by a 45+ year veteran club industry owner, operator and publisher. During that time, Norm Cates served as the final President of the National Court Club Association (NCCA) and the first President of IHRSA (then IRSA). Because of thousands of relationships established while owning and operating health and fitness clubs, serving as an industry leader and 27+ years of publishing, the eyes of industry leaders focus on Club Insider every month.

Club Insider is carefully read for many reasons including:

  • Sharing Great Stories of Club Success with monthly, Case-Study Cover Stories;
  • Educating Owners and Operators with articles by expert Contributing Authors;
  • "Telling-It-Like-It-Is" about important industry matters with “Insider Speaks” Editorials;
  • Serving as the Watchdog of the health and fitness club industry with Norm's Notes.

All of this makes Club Insider The Pulse of the Health and Fitness Club Industry.

The Benefits of Advertising

The Club Insider Advertising Team is crucial to our ongoing Mission, and we invite you to join us. As an Advertising Teammate, you will enjoy an extensive list of benefits:

Support In Print

  • • Monthly Circulation of 10,000+;
  • • Introduction in Norm’s Notes;
  • • Periodic Press Coverage at Advertiser Request;
  • • Listing in Advertising Directory;
  • • Exhibit # Listing for Trade Shows.

Support on the Web

  • • Increasing Monthly Circulation;
  • • Dedicated Profile Page;
  • • Complimentary Online Ad;
  • • Logo Placement on Website;
  • • Logo Placement in All Email Blasts (C.I. Monthly and C.I. Weekly);
  • • Periodic Press Coverage at Advertiser Request.

Support Through Relationships

  • • 40+ Years of Experience and Relationships;
  • • Trust of Readers After 27+ Years of Publication;
  • • Industry Advancing Mission Alignment;
  • • Behind-the-Scenes Support and Assistance.

Advertising Sizes, Rates and Specifications

Ad Sizes

Full Page

$1,225 (1X - 3X)

$1,125 (6X)

$1,075 (9X)

$1,025 (12X)

1/2 - Page

$925 (1X - 3X)

$825 (6X)

$775 (9X)

$725 (12X)

1/4 - Page

$600 (1X - 3X)

$495 (6X)

$465 (9X)

$435 (12X)

1/8 - Page

$325 (1X - 3X)

$275 (6X)

$250 (9X)

$225 (12X)

Finished Size: 11" x 14."       10" x 13" full page ad size.

Colors: All colors used should be CMYK or uncoated Pantone spot colors.

Images: Provide Ad in either Grayscale or CMYK format. Minimum resolution of 150 DPI used at 100% scaling in the document. CMYK files should be set according to SNAP standards with 240 total ink density. 30% dot gain can be expected with mid-tones.

PDF Files: Include thumbnails with Resolution: 1600 dpi, embed and subset all fonts, bicubic downsampling of Color and Grayscale images to 300 dpi, automatic compression, maximum quality, and downsample bitmap images to 1200 dpi. Do not apply color profiles from Acrobat, and do not use OPI.

Questions, PDF settings, and/or Pre-flight: Contact the Pre-Press Department at Walton Press by phone at (800) 354 - 0235 or email at

Standards & Policies

All advertising agreements are contracted with an Insertion Order Agreement Form. Upon completion of the form, Club Insider will comply with the terms of that agreement unless contacted in a timely manner (Prior to 1st Ad Placement) to alter or cancel said agreement without penalty. Club Insider expects the Advertiser to comply with these terms as well.

The Advertiser will be invoiced to their preference of email or fax by the 1st Day of the Month of Publication. Example: An advertiser would be invoiced by January 1st for a January ad placement. Full Payment is due by the 10th Day of the Month of Publication. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month the ad is to be published, the advertiser will be contacted before publication to assure full payment prior to publication.

Ad Deadlines

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