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Gary Polic is the Owner of Polic Consultants Group, LLC.

Phone: (630) 410 - 1120

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10 Reasons Why Successful People "Get" That Way
Are You One Of Those People?

April 2005 - Read Article...

Are You Asking Your Sales Managers The Right Questions To Grow Sales?
Part I

October 2021 - We all know the statement, "You get what you put up with in management," is a true statement. Therefore, I wanted to share a few questions to ask your Sales Manager on a consistent basis. In Part I, I will share Questions 1 - 10. Next, month, in Part II, I will complete the list with Questions 11 - 20. These questions will alert your Sales Manager to what's most important in achieving their team's sales goals... Read Article...

Are Your "Skill Essentials" Guaranteeing Your Success?
June 2005 - Read Article...

Bounce-Back Strategies
September 2020 - We are in unprecedented times, and we do not know what the future will bring. It is natural to be discouraged at this time, but our industry WILL BOUNCE-BACK. WHY? Because our industry has too many stellar leaders spearheading the effort, coupled with the fact that, "exercise is the most significant factor contributing to the health of the individual," stated by the American Medical Association. People will continue to seek out clubs to work out in, because there is an inherent motivation that comes while working out with others that no online virtual fitness program available can compete with. Read Article...

Bounce-Back Strategies From The Industry's Front Lines
October 2020 - In my previous article, I listed a number of bounce-back strategies. This month, we will take a look at those strategies in action on the industry's front lines. Through testimonials from industry leaders in different clubs around the country, we will learn what they are doing to stay positive, sell, retain members and promote their brand by being more proactive, subsequently "seizing the day" and being successful one day at a time! Read Article...

How to Create Strategic Partnerships in Your Community
July 2021 - Ready, Set, GO! We are back... well, sort of! Why, sort of? Because there is one question left to ask... "Are your sales teams back to networking/prospecting outside the club with a structured systematic approach?" WHY is this so critical? Only 21% of the American population works out in a gym, so where do we meet almost 80% of the population? Where they shop, dine, work, and socialize! So, the race to build relationships with your community events organizers and local retailers is back in full force. What is your game plan? Well, here are three quantified ways to increase your brand awareness and sales in your communities today... Read Article...

Management Mentoring Disciplines
Are You Truly Developing Your People?

August 2005 - Read Article...

Sales Leadership
Getting Back to the Basics

March 2021 - Close your club, open your club, close your club again... This has been a pandemic roller coaster of uncertainty for thousands of facilities in our industry, affecting millions of people who work in and utilize our industry's services. Finally, some real hope has arrived in the form of multiple vaccines. We all hope the kinks in the distribution of the vaccine will be worked out as soon as possible, because the sooner the people who want the vaccine actually receive it, the better it is for our industry. Because of these optimistic changes, it is time to switch gears related to sales expectations, along with continuing the strong drive for customer service and cleanliness. Read Article...

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