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The Power of "B2B"

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Jarod CogswellJarod Cogswell

In today's era, most fitness operators are relying heavily on digital media to market their businesses. Competition is fierce, and it's extremely challenging to get in front of potential members before the "other guys." However, there is still a cost effective and sustained approach to attracting and retaining customers... Local business-to-business marketing, or as some of the cool kids like to call it: "B2B."

Yes, it's true, old school tactics and grassroots marketing still works. Building relationships and being visible in the community not only exposes your brand but also elevates trust. Facebook and other social media platforms are great and necessary marketing tools, but it's people who connect with your brand.

So, why in this case, B2B? The answers are simple:

  1. 1. It aligns your brand with other top brands in your market. My recommendation is to choose one quality/retail service provider per category.
  2. 2. It gives your members and clients yet another benefit to belonging to your club, studio or gym. "Membership has its privileges," right?
  3. 3. Partnering with other local businesses has more potential and power to create awareness of your business... a "co-marketing" agreement if you will.

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