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Fitness Marketing, Meet 21st Century Methods

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Deneen LapradeDeneen Laprade

A paradigm shift is taking place in how health club operators market their businesses today, and it isn't about print vs. digital, clicks vs. opens or likes vs. shares. What it is about is: Data. Smart marketers know how to access and apply the volume of information collected on each of us, every day. The plethora and availability of it have significantly influenced the way marketers make decisions about who and how to target on behalf of their club clients.

Having the data without knowing how to analyze and quantify it is like having a gym membership and not knowing how to use the equipment or sign up for classes. Machine Learning. Persona-based. Data-driven. Predictive Modeling... These sexy buzz words are tossed about by marketing agencies to sound like they're ahead of the curve, but they are completely useless if said agencies don't have the skill sets to properly collect, code and apply the data to generate results.

The truth is that data, its collection, analysis, coding and application is the 21st century method of making business decisions. Data-driven solutions are present in all aspects of club operations today, and it's becoming more widely talked about in fitness marketing conversations.

Membership-based verticals, like fitness, calculate preliminary results as new joins. These translate to profit, the ultimate measurement when analyzing marketing performance. Data-driven marketing strategies not only quantify profit but also project future expectations using algorithms that adjust to campaign results and market changes to ensure the most appropriate prospects are targeted time and again.

In addition to data-driven marketing, clubs are also shifting gears and making good use of these smart marketing tactics when deciding if, when, how and where to expand facilities, programming and services. Current member surveys, when designed, executed and analyzed properly, provide the useful information operators and investors need to make sound decisions.

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