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V.P. George H.W. Bush and Norm CatesV.P. George H.W. Bush and Norm Cates

I sit here in sadness on this Wednesday morning, December 5, 2018, which ironically is my Brother GATOR DAVE'S 63rd Birthday, and I'm watching TV coverage of the Memorial Service for one great man... our 41st President of these United States, PRESIDENT GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH.

President Bush's relationships with people of all kinds was truly legendary, and I was one of those who was blessed to have experienced the greatness of this man first hand. It was back in 1988 when then Vice President Bush was in Atlanta campaigning for President. Because, at that time, I owned the 47,000 square-foot Downtown Athletic Club in what was then called the Omni, and now called CNN Center, Vice President Bush's people came to me to arrange to have him work out at my DAC Club a couple of days in a row. I was honored to meet and host him at my Downtown Athletic Club. I was also honored to be in the photo with him shown on This Page.

A few weeks later, I was amazed when I received a small envelope addressed to me at the DAC with this return address: The Vice President, Washington, D.C. 20501. Inside that envelope was a handwritten card with the Seal of the Vice President of the United States on it. Vice President Bush hand-wrote, and I quote:

"February 27, Flying to Tennessee (then back). Dear Norm - Thanks for that very thoughtful and supportive letter. It was a pleasure meeting you and I loved the DAC facilities. EHAB is A – 1. My sincere thanks. George Bush." (Ehab Yamini was our world class massage therapist who also happened to be blind.)

So, it's on this day, December 5, 2018, that I share this experience with you all because I want you to know that everything you may have seen or heard or read in the news and during his funeral service about President George Hubert Walker Bush being a really great and caring man was no exaggeration.

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