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Jim Worthington's Newtown Athletic Club Celebrates 40 Years!

Part II

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Linda Mitchell and Jim WorthingtonLinda Mitchell and Jim Worthington

In Part I of this amazing story about the first 40 years of Jim Worthington's Newtown Athletic Club, we covered a lot. But, wait, there's MORE! Read on in Part II, and you will learn about Jim's involvement in the Right to Try Act; we'll hear from Jim on what his club is best known for in his community; about the major renovation Jim is currently doing to his already mega-club; about the NAC Pre-School; about Jim's involvement in Augie's Quest and about The NAC's involvement with Bill Parisi's Speed School, the NAC's Field House, their ticket agency and TINOQ. Jim also told us about his selection by President Trump to serve on The President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. We'll wrap up the article with Jim's comments on the three things he's accomplished that he's the proudest of, so grab a nice cold sarsaparilla and read on!

Conclusion of the Interview With Jim Worthington, Owner of the NAC

Club Insider (C.I.) - Have you ever had thoughts about becoming involved in politics in your city, state or on the national level?
Jim Worthington (JW) - Yes, I've been asked and at a fairly high level. I don't want to say what offices because I have some friends who are in those offices. But, yes, I've had people, not just people in the political world, but constituents who have suggested I run. People who are now in my Congressional Voting District have urged me to get involved, but honestly, that's not in the cards right now.

  • Jim Worthington, Matt and Caitlin Bellina and Representative Brian Fitzpatrick
  • L to R - Caitlin and Matt Bellina, Dierks Bentley, Kim Levins and Jim Worthington
  • The NAC Field House (Overhead View)

First of all, I can be much more effective as an advocate. I'm known as a Trump supporter, and I did get appointed by President Trump to The President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. And, I can do more right now working on things such as the Right to Try legislation. I just feel like my hands would be tied if I got involved in a more formal way.

For now, I can tell you that the door is open. A lot has to do with what the calling is. When I ran for delegate a couple of years ago, I won that race and became one of the three delegates for my Congressional District, and I represented the district at the Republican National Convention. I gave my vote to Donald Trump. After I was done with that, I was done. Then, people began to reach out to me, saying, 'Look, we want to keep advancing the President's agenda.' At that time, he was still a candidate, and he had not been elected yet. They said they needed someone who would lead us and organize us, etc., so that's when I formed People4Trump.

Three months later, we had Trump here at the club, and a couple of weeks later, he became President of the United States. So, I really do think I can be more effective from the outside for now. But, I certainly wouldn't turn down anything in the future that the people thought would make our community and our country better. That's kind of where my life is right now. It's been more about doing for others and advocacy and making a legacy that way. Don't get me wrong, I'm fortunate to be a successful businessman, and I'm not giving that up. But, I will tell you that 60 - 70% of my time the last two or three years has been devoted to advocacy, raising money for charity, etc.

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