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Bill McBrideBill McBride

I know there is a lot of talk about Millennials (more now as they are the major force in the marketplace), Boomers, Generation X and every other classification demographers can come up with. There are currently five (Yes - FIVE) generations in the current workforce:

  • Generation Z: born 1996 and after;
  • Millennials: born 1977 - 1995;
  • Generation X: born 1965 - 1976;
  • Baby Boomers: born 1946 - 1964;
  • Traditionalists: born 1945 and before
  • (The Greatest Generation: 1914 - 1929).
  • (Credit:

But, let's spend a few minutes on Humans and Human Nature. I will make some assertions that are simply what I believe:

  • The Generational Classifications are a result of what people have experienced during their formative years, not some radical shift in genetics, human behavior or even moral compasses.
  • Everyone wants to do a good job and not be mediocre within a quality organization.

If you agree, then the goal is to set very clear, and there are granularly explicit expectations on what a "job well done looks like." We often make assumptions on Great Customer Service, Immaculate Cleanliness, Profit Optimization, Expense Control, etc... But, we don't dive deep on what these things truly mean within our organizations, how to do them and what the outcome/results look like. We sometimes (many times) still leave too much to chance on the interpretation of organizational objectives with the new associate/team member (or even more senior team members).

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