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Build Your Tribe:

Sure-Fire Ways to Maximize Your Group Fitness Participation

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Jarod CogswellJarod Cogswell

"You're stronger than you think!" It's a mantra I have used for years, teaching large group fitness, and I firmly believe it. Admittedly, it gets me emotional at times. Heck, I've even shed tears of joy in the middle of the turf inspired by collective effort, perseverance and witnessing "our tribe" push themselves and one another farther than they thought possible... And, as a fitness professional, there's no better feeling than helping people push past their barriers to feel stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.

It's also an amazing experience and honor as a coach to service a full class of connected individuals from all levels of fitness. But, how do we maximize participation to meet individual fitness goals and create experiences that ultimately, when applied, creates buzz to attract new clients and keep them coming back? Here are some tips that may increase your numbers...

  • Create the Experience - First, the design of the workout must be safe and effective. That's goal number one. Variety is essential, and safety is paramount. Second, create a theme and/or mindset for the workout. Get your crew of peeps feeling powerful and energized even before the session begins. Make it feel less like exercise and more like an adventure!
  • Invite - Unlike most of us fitness pros and our loyal followers, we must remember that, for most, exercise is hard. We need to give people a nudge. If you have a private Facebook page, use it. Invite, and Make IT Fun! People love it!

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