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Norm's Notes for October 2017

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Hello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993 Checking In with our 286th monthly edition and the last edition of our 24th Year!!! Yahoo YOU ALL!!!

Is America a GREAT Country, or what!? I'm going to write a quick Note here about my acceptance speech for the Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award on October 5, 2017 in Chicago in which I expressed, in no uncertain terms, my LOVE for America, and the importance of the role YOU ALL are playing in making America BETTER by making Americans BETTER. In that speech, I thanked ALL of you for the choice you have made in your life to be in our great industry. I wrote, and then said those words, because I believe in my heart that your CHOICE truly helps Americans get better every day, and by doing that, our industry helps America get better every day. If you can't get excited about that thought, then you may be in the wrong business. I had given my acceptance speech successfully until the part where I began to talk about this very subject... i.e. the subject of YOU ALL making America better by helping Americans make themselves better. I am SO proud of all of you for what you do that I just flat broke down and cried while I was making that point. So, today, I'm writing this to explain that. And, I'm writing this to say THANKS and express my sincere Appreciation to many of you who were there and took the time afterward to tell me you thought my speech was terrific and that you totally forgave me for breaking down and crying. THANK ALL of you to whom I spoke about this for your very kind words. I sincerely appreciate you understanding how intensely I love America and how very, very thankful I am that you all do what you do for America and make America better by making Americans better. God bless ALL of YOU for your choice of occupations and God Bless America!

•I'm sorry to be the bearer of this sad and bad news, but we lost another great person from the ranks of the club business world when LYLE SCHULER, veteran club consultant, operator and owner, died on September 23rd after suffering from an undisclosed illness. Sadly, Lyle leaves behind his lovely wife, HOLLY, and his 5-year old son, COLTON. Be sure to see Lyle's Obituary on Page #3. May Lyle Schuler Rest In Peace. EDDIE TOCK of REX Roundtables and formerly with SalesMakers told me at Club Industry that they were putting together a fund for Lyle's son, Colt. So, for information on that, please contact Eddie Tock directly at

Norm Cates Receiving Club Industry's Lifetime Achievement Award From Pamela KufahlNorm Cates Receiving Club Industry's Lifetime Achievement Award From Pamela Kufahl

WOW! As I sit at this keyboard writing these Norm's Notes for our October Edition of Club Insider, our 286th monthly edition, I do so in a completely humbled and overwhelmed state of mind. I write humbled and overwhelmed because, as a wordsmith, I can't find any better words to describe the feeling I have after having been honored by our great friends at Club Industry with their Lifetime Achievement Award on October 5th. Picture this scene. The Club Industry people arranged to have a complimentary breakfast in the same huge ballroom in the elegant Chicago Hilton that was built in 1928 and was totally remodeled with the rest of the beautiful hotel in 1984 to the tune of $185 million! This was the same room in which Club Industry's Keynote Speaker, NICK SARILLO, was to give his great keynote speech, and in that, Nick shared the value and importance of Building TRUST in your clubs and in your communities. Picture this room... it was huge... nearly the size of a football field with very high, probably 30-foot ceilings. And, it was completely full with standing room only in the back of the room. Sarillo's excellent keynote speech was sponsored by our friends at ABC Financial Services, JIM BOTTIN and PAUL SCHALLER, who in conjunction with the Club Industry Show, sponsored a terrific breakfast starting at 8AM until 8:45AM when the lovely PAMELA KUFAHL, Club Industry's Director of Content and Engagement introduced me and presented me with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

Before Pam handed me the beautiful and heavy glass Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award Trophy, my heart was warmed and I was very humbled to see videos congratulating me from: PAMELA KURFAHL, MARTY McCALLEN, JOE MOORE, JOE CIRULLI, JOHN McCARTHY, JUSTIN CATES, RICK CARO, RAY IRWIN and RICH BOGGS. I want to thank this wonderful group for their very kind comments delivered on their videos. And, I want to thank Pamela for her amazing introductory comments about me prior to handing me the Trophy. In particular, I want to note and Thank Pamela for referring to me at one point in her kind introduction as the "Conscience" of our industry. I certainly am hugely flattered by everybody's kind comments, so again, THANKS to all.

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